Incentive Group Travel

We believe “travel” is the best incentive reward, and that trips to exciting destinations greatly motivate individuals and teams to increase performance. Read more


Conference Management

With our expertise and conference co-ordination services, we are committed to giving you a complete one-stop conference reservation and co-ordination service. Read more

Corporate Business Travel

We are committed at all times to do everything possible to minimize travel costs and maximize savings. Read more

Leisure Travel

For a memorable holiday, we deliver dreams. Read more


The "Unforgettable Travel Experience"

Begins the instant we receive a commission or request from the client. From then on, our company’s focus is set on providing the highest levels of service and delivery possible with the main objective being customer satisfaction!

Each and every inquiry and booking, be it an individual or a group or even a conference, will seamlessly enjoy the full attention it deserves thus ensuring the spend is maximized to the traveler’s benefit.

Everything we do features in our relentless pursuit of the “Unforgettable Travel Experience”…
Going the extra mile is not optional – it’s paramount.

Our Pledge

To consistently deliver a seamless and “Unforgettable Travel Experience” !

Incentive Group Travel

We believe “travel” is the best incentive reward since, like cash, the promise of a “free” trip to an exciting destination of an individuals dream, greatly motivates people. However, unlike cash, the value of an incentive trip is not quickly spent and forgotten. In fact, studies have shown that travel is the single most popular non-cash incentive reward, and that a travel incentive program can increase sales productivity between 10 and 20%. But performance improvement is not the only benefit of an incentive travel program. When properly planned and customized, group incentive travel can increase morale, build team spirit, improve loyalty by creating lasting memories and, especially for decentralized organizations, provide quality time for management to network with top performers.

We realize that it’s not about booking some airline tickets and making hotel reservations, but about creating a valuable teambuilding/ social and recognition exercise, that can help our clients motivate and retain their best people.

We provide not just a trip, but a “customized” experience with opportunities for participants to interact and share ideas with each other at unique functions and events throughout the program.

“Incentive-motivated travel” goes way beyond selecting the destination and making associated arrangements. As an incentive travel facilitator, we have to present the travel reward in such a way that it motivates the recipients to perform at peak, so as not to miss out. The critical function is achieved through stimulating incentive–driven campaigns which are supported by professionally presented “teaser items” – pre empting and fixing a taste of what’s to come.

We regularly see how incentive-driven travel, run at these professional levels, becomes self-perpetuating where enthusiastic feedback from our client further drives our passion to excel and our heightened enthusiasm fuels the next incentive campaign….

Conference Management

With our expertise and conference co-ordination services, Worldwide Incentive and Travel Solutions (Pty) Ltd is committed to giving you a complete one-stop conference reservation and co-ordination service, dedicated to maintaining the same high standard of service that we expect from our venues. From as close as your offices to afar a field as you wish to enjoy the conference, we make it happen.

Outstanding / Collaboration Consulting

Oversee program development, execution and follow-up.
Research, select and inspect program venues.
Negotiate costs such as airfares, room rates, ground transfers, equipment rental,
activities, entertainment, food and beverage.
Create and distribute program material such as promotional mailings, meeting
announcements, reservation forms and invitations, receive and monitor responses.
Handle travel and related arrangements and special requests for pre- or post-trip stays
and / or diversions in individual itineraries.
Plan meal and beverage requirements, arrange entertainment, plan and schedule activities
and select and purchase eventrelated materials.
Provide meet and greet services on arrival, group escorts and on-site event management
and supervision.
Prepare teasers, welcome packs and gifts.
Custom made packages designed to your specifications.
Option of Incentive gifts other than travel packages also available.
Post-event evaluation and follow-up.

Project Management Function

Our programs follow a strict project management system and this includes:

Invitations – Design, Print & Special Delivery.
Full conference / Function co-ordination.
Registration / Hospitality Desk.
RSVP Service.
On site co-ordination.
Conference Budget Assistance.
Spouse Programs.
Conference / Function Planning and Program – design, print and presentation.
Choreography and presentation assistance.
AV, lighting and staging, Photography.
Corporate / Incentive Gifts.
Conference Material.
Meal Requirements.
Set-up arrangements.
Transportation requirements.


Allow us to take responsibility of your function and leave you with peace of mind that you are dealing with professionals that offer an immaculate entertainment package especially designed for your product, need and guest list. The artist agent we work with is of the finest in the industry and we take
pride in their level of professionalism. The entertainment available covers any occasion. Our diversity ranges from solo performances to the staging of pageants and cabaret, catering for private functions to corporate launches.

Destination / Location Assessment Visits

Assessment visits are vital and therefore actively encouraged for clients to pre evaluate, appraise and modify a proposed program on site. It is standard procedure for Worldwide Incentive and Travel Solutions (Pty) Ltd to ensure that you, as the client, view these venues before making any confirmed bookings. This is to ensure you receive precisely what you expect and this entitles us to provide the service that we pride ourselves on.

"WWITS" Representation

Worldwide Incentive and Travel Solutions (Pty) Ltd instills a policy whereby, depending on the size of the project/number of delegates, a representative/s (tour/conference director/s) is/are present at your conference, function and throughout the incentive tour. The cost for this service is included in the
tour price/management fee.

Travel Management: Corporate Business Travel

Worldwide Incentive and Travel Solutions (Pty) Ltd is committed at all times to do everything possible to minimize travel costs and maximize savings. Our primary function is to always secure the best possible travel value for our corporate clients. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to make your travel Rand go further.

We pride ourselves with the ability to negotiate on behalf of our clients the best possible deals with airlines, hotels and car hire, cruise companies etc respectively

Best negotiated rates.
Venue finding / hotel / car hire / cruise reservations.
Foreign Exchange.
Facilitation with the acquiring / application for visas.
After hours service.
Leisure travel options for all your staff.
After Hours Emergency assistance.

Leisure Travel

Financial Management

Worldwide Incentive and Travel Solutions (Pty) Ltd adheres to a strong code of strict financial control. This is achieved by negotiating of all rates and costs, without sacrificing quality. All accounts will be reconciled to eliminate malpractice and to ascertain and streamline payment.

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